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The Sleepover Suite – The Alton Towers Hotel is a labyrinth of unexpected adventures

The Alton Towers Hotel is a labyrinth of unexpected adventures

With more parents going all out for birthday parties,
UK-based hotel Alton Towers is taking advantage of this trend
with its recently launched Sleepover Suite. This bright prink
room is sound-proofed for a night’s worth of girly shrieking
and pop-music blaring.


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101 Responses

  1. Natscha Forbes-Pyfrom says:

    This room is so great that im having it for my 13th Birthday

  2. ......... says:

    Whether it’s for a birthday party, a hen night or just a catch up with old friends, a stay in the Sleepover Suite means an eve-
    ning of deluxe, uninterrupted fun.The prettily pink suite has been sound-proofed, for wild abandonment that won’t wake the neighbours. It also includes wall-to-wall theatrical mirrored dressing tables, complete with luxurious pampering products courtesy of Superdrug. The walk-in shower room is like having your own spa – it’s a totally multi-sensory experience, with its multi-jet shower and en suite music.It’s divided into two – an area for partying and a section for sleeping. The party room features the latest home entertainment system, a plasma TV, Sony Playstation, and a mini dance-floor and karaoke area. You will also be able to have your very own movie marathon, as the room includes a selection of classic chick flicks.The second half of the suite is set up for cosy pyjama-clad gossiping, thanks to six cleverly-designed Chill-Out™ beds. The funky, bright pink beds from Silentnight are the perfect place for girlie chats. There’s also an adjoining room for parents!

    The suite costs from £350 per night.

    • MEGAN says:

      would it cost 350 for the whole room?
      and do you get to go to spalsh landings for free with the price? or just get the room?!xxx
      from unknown.

  3. ella says:

    how can i get onto the website yo see the birthday sweet

  4. Hilary says:

    I really want to stay in the sleepover suite but I dont know how much it is someone please tell me cause The sleepover suite sounds GREAT!!!!!! i WANT MY SLEEPOVER TO BE THE BEST.

    Luv ya

  5. Melissa says:

    Sorry .. I Really Want To Stay In It But Whats The Price It Sounds Wikid Its For My Birthday And Me My Cousin Mum And Auntie Want To Go It Would Be The Best Birthday Ever Please Please Put The Price On A Soon As You Retrieve This Letter .. x

  6. Eve says:

    The sleepover suite is AMAZING.. 5 friends and I are going there in June 08 and having loadsa funn! We got a great package which includes;
    a night at the sleepover suite – which includes; widescreen tv, dvd’s karaoke, dancefloor, salon with makeup, and hairdryers and sound proofing walls.
    a waterpark ticket
    alton towers ticket
    jump queue ticket
    bed and breakfeast
    ALL FOR £110! =]]

  7. chloe says:

    how much will the sleepover suite be in march 08 if we book now?

  8. Rhiannon says:

    I REALLY want to go to the sleepover suite but it’s alot of money… 😥

  9. kate says:

    Omg my sister went in the sleepover swet and said it was the bomb but i dn’t no how much it cost ???

  10. Zoe says:

    OMG!!! This is the best suite! we were up all night and you get free priority pases… I never wanted the night to end… I am also having it again for my 14th birthday party. But the waiting list is LOOOOOONG! I booked in April 07 and I got a place for Jan 08. But this is only because I wanteed a place for the weekend. I CANT WAIT… :]

  11. Suzie says:

    hey i’d like to talk 2 Eve about her comment…
    “The sleepover suite is AMAZING.. 5 friends and I are going there in June 08 and having loadsa funn! We got a great package which includes;
    a night at the sleepover suite – which includes; widescreen tv, dvd’s karaoke, dancefloor, salon with makeup, and hairdryers and sound proofing walls.
    a waterpark ticket
    alton towers ticket
    jump queue ticket
    bed and breakfeast
    ALL FOR £110! =]]”

    How did you get that price??

    plz write back quick!!

  12. Beth says:

    I Stayed in the Sleepover Suite With My Friends For Her Thirteenth Birthday And I HadSo Much Fun!
    I Really Want To Go There Again.
    Had SuckAn AMAZING Time!!

  13. Stacey says:

    if you stoped at the sleepover suit
    did you have to have a parent stop with you ?

  14. Em says:

    What’ the prices?!

  15. paris says:

    i am really lookin forward 2 satyin at the pink sleepover sutie with
    5 m8 it will be a really good eperienxe 4 me and ma m8s also a fab birthday treat i cos ma dad and ma mum about £500 pounds 4

    da pink room
    water park
    theme park
    bed and brecafast
    im so lookin forward

  16. ellie says:

    hi the pink room looks fab am going there for my birthday with 3 friends my mum and dad payed nerly £1000 pound for the 1 night including

    water pak entrance
    theme park entrance (with free passes)
    bed and breacfast

    and in the room there is

    hair things
    double beds fridge

    cool ha
    but they dont mine aslong as i have a nice birthday

  17. clare says:

    this room is so cool i wanna go for ma 13th birthday if i book now will i be able to go in september? please tell xoxo

  18. leonie says:

    what would the price be for, 2 people, with a park entrance, all inclusive room (food, room, accesories etc) for one night?

  19. susan says:

    could you please tell me the price of the sleepover room id like to book it for my daughters 16th birthday and do they have to have an adult with them

  20. Megan says:

    Hiya, Could anyone tell me the price for the Sleepover Suite?
    Because i want it for my birthday 😀
    Reply please

  21. Megan says:

    I have just heard it is about £300 :):( x

  22. jenny says:


    iv booked it was 505 pound for a weekday in june 08 weekends are all booked up for the whole year thats 84 pounds each

    for that we get

    2 days entry to theme park
    stocked fridge with ice-cream choc and fizzy pop
    and makeup
    in the room there is mini dance floor tv playstation dvds and karoke

  23. rox says:

    hi, just been looking at the sleepover suite, looks great but no idea on a price per person with theme park and water park tickets included….. could anybody help me please, just want a rough idea?????

  24. Nicolle says:

    Hiyaa x just wanna no how much it will be to go in the sleepover suite at alton towers .. it sounds well good .. but i need a price so that my mum and dad can book it for me if they will pay the price. so does anybody no the price for october 08 ? thanks write back asap x

  25. Sophie says:

    We just rang up and the rest of this year is all booked up, we’ve just booked it for january the 10th 2009. Can’t wait.

  26. Eveeeeeee says:

    Woooo 🙂
    Going on 2nd – 3rd junee 🙂
    Alton Towers, Water Park, Sleepover suite, Fast track tickets!

    And by the way, It costs £105 each, if 6 are going.

  27. Sophie && Jayde says:

    I’m thinking about booking the pink room at alton towers for my 13th birthday this year, but i was just wondering how much it would cost all together (for all 6 of us) – But my birthday falls on a bank holiday so would that make it cost more?

  28. Becky says:

    Hiya i just wonderd how much it would be for me , my mum and 3 of my friends to stay for 1 night on the 12th of july 2008 in the sleepover suite but i also want to go on all the rides at the park can anyone please tell me how much it would cost all together write back as soon as possible please or email me at

    from Rebecca xxx

  29. Becky says:

    please could anybody tell me how to get cheap tickets to stay in the sleepover suite for 1 night on the 12th july 2008 and to go on all the rides please

    write back as soon as possible please
    or email me at

    from Rebecca xxx

  30. Sophie & Kelly says:

    We’ve just booked the sleepover suite for my 16th birthday in August 🙂
    It was £558 including park tickets and fastrack passes for two days for 5 people
    Will someone reply and tell us what its like please cause we cant waitt 😀

    Ty x

  31. mum of 3 says:

    if 1 of the guests is an annual pass holder (either alton towers or a merlin one) you get 20% off so it may even be worth buying 1 annual alton towers pass anyway cost of £66 for 1yr unlimited entry because at £105 pp based on 6 in the suite it would save you £126. The pass will also get you 20% reduction on all items (well most items) purchased in the park including food at certain restaurants. It will also give you 20% off the adjoining parents room to the sleepover suite too. Plus 20% off if you went again aferwards and stayed in a either hotels (alton & splash landings) hope that helps

  32. megan says:

    im gonna book it and i am going to get a limo to get me there!!!!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait!

  33. olive says:


    i reli want 2 know, how do book it, me and my bezzies want a joint party 4 us

    how much wud it be for 4 ppl?

    plz plz plz tell us we r sooooo excited!!!!!

  34. Ellie Butler says:

    Hi i have just been 2 da pink rooom and its AMAZING!It reallly girl and i love da fridge with freee coke and glasses in but a lil bit disapointed with the hair stuff cause they didnt work right.But apart for that its fine,u get freee make-up and freee dvs (of ur choice to keep.)U dont sleep with ur mum and dad they sleep in the room next door to it with a leading door so u can party alll night long!The walls are sound prof and theres cds in the tv soo u dont bring ur own.The 1 thing is when u open ur rooom door every 1 walkin by loooks in and it get a lil anoying.I had a great time and i hope u alll book it or enjoy it 2!

  35. Beckiii says:

    hi i went in the sleep over suite it was my best friends birthday we had a brill we had lots of fun and laughter lol
    i loved everything about it it was sooooooooooo GOOD . We are all best mates and we will be 4eva the sleepover suite was brilliant here are some stuff that was in there :
    hair straightners (curlers aswell)
    comfy beds
    flat screen with karaokie
    and there is lots more stuff there
    From Rebecca Leigh O

  36. Julie Bold says:


    Im Really Want To Know What The Prices Are With:

    The Sleepover Suit With Everythin
    Entrance To The Theme Park And Water Bit

    Can Youu Pllzz Replyy!

  37. Stephanie Ward says:

    This sounds great 🙂

    Do you have to bring someone over 18 to book the suite because I want to do this for my 16th birthday!!

    What do prices include??

  38. Shana says:

    how do i book it? i wonna book it for my mates and me for a celebration of somthing. But how do i bokk that particular suite on its own? PLease help me!

  39. debbie says:

    booked pink suite for my daughter in law for her hen night in july 2008. There was only 4 of us staying in the room. We paid £426 this was with no tickets to theme park. We were totally dissapointed the room is not sound proffed as stated on all the sites, the karaoke was not avaiable they said that it had been taken out as it was to noisey, and buzz game given in place (GREAT). All the hair dryers kept cutting out. At 10.30 we had a knock on the door from staff asking us to turn the music down, yet there entertaintment was still blaring down below us. We turned the music off the watch a dvd on our beds the only trouble was we couldnt here it, so we ended up on the the floor area of the dance floor next to the screen. Only for the dvd to break half way through and wouldnt read the rest of the film. All in all i think its over priced and Alton towers will not accept the advertising of the room on other links.staing its sound proofed and that karaoke is available and you can make as much noise for your girlie wk end and there was only 4 of us all older than 20. so hardlly wild. Bad experiance. It was a very dissapoining wk end. Dont go on what other links say about this room they are untrue this was quoted by a letter that was sent back to myself.

  40. Fay says:

    We rang up and they said that for six people staying in the room it would cost us £600!!! Thats sooooo much were not sure what it includes though but it sure has shatterd our sweet 16 dreams !
    Anyone know what it includes?

  41. Gemma says:

    i reallly reeeeeeealy wanna do it but it just costs so much! me and my bezzie fay are so annoyed!! please someone tell us what the £600 includes!

  42. Abbie says:

    I Rung Up And She Told Me That For 4 Kids It Cost 400 Pound for 1 night includeing bed and breakfast

  43. nadja says:

    does anyone know how much will it cost for each person in december for the sleepover suite and what it includes?
    as some people says it over £350, £110 etc.
    cheers 🙂

  44. kayleigh says:

    hi the suit looks good but i am woundering hows much the whole thing will cost and that includes the them parks and everything else because i really want to go so could you write back tah kays x

  45. ayanna says:

    how much is it 4 1 nite?? pple keep sayin all dese different prices wats da real price??
    i wanna bok it 4 ma 14th b-day bt i fink itz all booked up
    help me
    wats da price??

  46. natasha adams says:

    does anyone know the actual price??!! i want to book the room for me and 4 friends x

  47. Beth Maples says:

    okay i real;ly wanted to book the sleepover suite for six people in may 2009…does anyone know how much it would cost cause there’s so many different prices its confusing!!!
    if you could e-mail me ( or reply back or something i’d REALLY appreciate it
    thanks x

  48. kelly says:

    hey im interested in stayin in the slleepover suite, about 8-15 of us.
    can we all stay in 1 room??
    and how much would it be for 2 nights in febuary with a water park ticket and alton towers??
    thanks x

  49. emzyyyy says:

    SOUNDS AMAYYYYYZIN! How much is it though? Is it 100 pound pp? Can’t afford that lol. Cos I want me and 5 mates an we’re each gonna put 25 pound in, so that’s 150 off, but its still…450 pound. Ha, my mum would only give me £100.

    Any way of getting a discount? PLEASE HELP! xox

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  51. minty says:

    omg my mum will pay for you.
    cos im proper loaded

    you all must be proper poor

    ill help you all


  52. minty says:

    omg im so sorry
    somebody hacked my msn addie.

    please forgive me !

  53. Emiilyyy. says:

    my mum’s payinggg..
    £309 – For Me & 5 Friends
    Can’t Go In The Theme Park Tho Cuz Its Not Open :(.
    But You Can Go In The Water Parkk!


  54. Clo x says:

    I need my 13th birthday here! How much is it ???????

  55. Laura.xX says:

    Im going to the sleepover suite with 3 friends tomorrow and wednesday.
    For 2 days entry to the park and a night in the suite it cost us £97 each..
    I think this includes bed and breakfast aswell.
    As it’s february half term only some of the rides are open so they aren’ t doing fastrack.
    About pricing…. it just depends when you go. We booked this last summer and it was about the only date free and because all the rides aren’t open it was cheaper.
    The best thing to do is ring them up and they can tell you free dates and prices… everybody I spoke to was lovely and really helpful.
    Hope this helps.
    Laura xx

  56. Laura.xX says:

    And you can have up to a maximum of 6 people.

  57. Laura.xX says:

    And I think water park tickets are about £13 on top of the rest of the price. x

  58. BETH says:

    Woo Laura 🙂
    cant wait LOL
    see you tomorrow BABES x

    and btw everybody

  59. megan says:

    I really want my bday in july or auguest 2009 at the sleepover suite tickets how much food is going to coast
    plz tell me…………………………………..

  60. Charlotte says:

    Hey me and my mates really want to do this sleepover suite thing!
    But the problem is we will only be 14 and it says there is an adult room attached to it so is the adult room given in the price or do u have to pay extra? and also how much is it for the water park and the theme park tickets?


  61. Kelsey says:

    Hey me and my mate realy want to have a joint party in the sleepover room for about three people does anyone no how much it will cost just for that??? 🙂
    If you do can you email me at

    Thanks alot

  62. Charlie says:

    hello everyone. I really want to go to but the main reason is that, that beth person above should never talk to anyone
    Like that who ever u Are u are a aragant little m’adam and your parents obviously didnt bring u up properly. You are far from special so stop acting like u why dont u look at your feckin ugly face and shutup because u are not a nice person you tit.
    so show a bit of respect for thèse people because they r far nicer then feck of u spoilt little child and run to your mum.
    U r a friendless bully who nobody like because u r a bitch.
    Excuse my language but I h8 people like that they are pretentous s###s
    Hope u all go to Alton towers and have fun. Bye

  63. jess says:

    hey, my birthday is coming up soon and was wondering how much it would cost for me and few friends to stay there for the night? and do you get waterpark and theme park tickets? please could you email me with all information? thanks x

  64. manymore says:

    I have just called Alton Towers directly and asked this very question :
    With no complications what-so-ever it costs an exact £430 for 6 people per night and £420 for 4 people per night. This doesn’t include park tickets but i was told these can be added at £14 per person for waterpark and £28 per person for theme park.
    Nothing complicated there!

    And for future reference – don’t waste time getting frustrated with the alton towers website because the prices for the themed rooms are NOT listed on there, so it’s not big and clever to swear at people and tell them to go looking there 🙂

    Hope this helps. mm xx

  65. emma says:

    hey i no u are all saying prices for of us how much would it cost for a one night stay with the water park tickets and the theme park?

  66. Anna says:

    i really want this rooom for my 13th birthday with my mates how much would it cost and does the theme park/waterpark and the food be included in the price, please please could u tell meeee,.,,

  67. LIV says:


  68. LIV says:


  69. liv says:

    how much is it and last week katie price was in the sleepover suit

  70. clauds says:


    could someone tell me how much it would cost me and 5 friends to go there for the night and then the theme park the next day?
    I reaaallly wannaa gooo 🙂

    please please reply 😀 xxx

  71. Essss! says:


    Ermm, could someone like tell me how much it would cost to go in june 2011 for my 13th?

  72. kaddy says:

    Hey does anyone no how much it would cost to go in august (like, i live in scotland so i am back at school but england arent does that mean it would cost more b/c it is still the summer hols?)
    please help! plus is their deals like, on the theme/water park tickets? please please help!

  73. kaddy says:

    is 6 the most your allowed in the suite? b/c theirs 5 of my freinds plus me and then my wee sis has to go aswell 😦 but she’s only 9 and quite small 4 her age

  74. neve says:

    i think they mean that their 6 beds am sure they wont mind – since your sis is small 🙂 but it means it could be as much as £700 😦 but it should be fine – as long as you can aford it! 🙂 as for your other Q i dont fink it will be more to go in summer but it might mean it gets booked up faster i would check/book/phone some time in advanced just to make sure you get the date you want – hope this helps kaddy! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  75. Niamh says:

    What is the maximum this room sleeps??

  76. Georgiaa says:

    heeloo everyone, for my birthday last year (october) i wanted this but i couldnt have it because it was booked up, so i am hopefully having it this year:) i just want to know: is it worth the money? and how many months in advance do you have to book?<3

  77. hannah says:

    georgiaa your so lucky! i want it!<3

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