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Battle of the Boxes:PlayStation 3 vs. Wii Our Test of New Game Systems

There has been so much hype and excitement over this year’s two new game systems. Which is better? Well, it depends on what you are looking for – high-def, intense picture and sound,  or fun, physical competition….

Battle of the Boxes:PlayStation 3 vs. Wii Our Test of New Game Systems
Finds Cheaper, Simpler Wii To Be More Exciting and Fun
November 29, 2006; Page D1

Even people utterly uninterested in videogames know by now that two new game machines have arrived this month to lure holiday shopping dollars out of consumers’ wallets. One is the long-anticipated PlayStation 3 from the videogame leader, Sony Corp. The other is the more obscure Wii, from the videogame pioneer, Nintendo Co. Both are going up against the year-old Xbox 360 from Microsoft Corp.


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The NFL Asks Soccer-Mad Mexicans If They’re Ready for Some Football –

 The growing Hispanic population in the U.S. has certainly caught the eye of big name advertisers and prorerties. Typically “American” sports are finding a growing  audience among Hispanics in the states and in Mexico.

The NFL Asks Soccer-Mad Mexicans If They’re Ready for Some Football –
November 30, 2006; Page B1

MEXICO CITY — Miguel Gutiérrez — wearing a Brett Favre jersey and nursing a giant soda and popcorn — nestles into his seat to root for the Green Bay quarterback, his football hero. As the Packers kick off to the Seahawks Monday night, the crowd inside the stadium in snowy Seattle is raucous. And so is the one in the warm, dry movie theater here where Mr. Gutiérrez has come to watch the game.

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Here’s My Number (for Today)

Today, people are holding on to their cell phone numbers longer than they are holding on to their landlines. With that, people are becoming more and more protective of their cell phone numbers.  Enter social phone numbers.

A handful of Web sites are creating these mask numbers, which can be obtained in nearly every area code. Users can either have a number in their own region, or make it look as if they have an office in New York City when they are actually operating out of rural Maine.

Here’s My Number (for Today) – New York Times

THERE is no shortage of ways to reach Airin McClain, a singer who lives in Philadelphia. She has a Web site, an instant messenger account, a MySpace page, four e-mail addresses and two mobile phones.

Good luck getting one of those phone numbers, though. She would sooner tell you her weight.

would I give out my cell?” said Ms. McClain, 23. “I don’t need a guy I
met at a bar one night calling me every day for the next two weeks
begging me to go out. I want to filter out the people I don’t need to
have contact with.”

In an age of information oversharing, the
mobile-phone number is one of the few pieces of personal information
that people still choose to guard. Unwanted incoming calls are
intrusive and time-consuming and can suck precious daytime cell-plan
minutes. And the decision to give out a cell number can haunt you for
years, as people now hold on to the numbers longer than their land-line

Some people have found a way to avoid compromising the
sanctity of their cellphone without committing the modern sin of being
unreachable. Instead of giving out her cell number, Ms. McClain has
recently been dispersing what has become known as a “social phone

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Wal-Mart, Blockbuster Announce Video Download Businesses

We once thought that the VCR was the greatest innovation in home movies, then realized the quality and simplicity of DVDs. However, it seems that sooner rather than later the only necessary viewing device will be your computer monitor / video phone / TV screen / movie screen.

Wal-Mart, Blockbuster Announce Video Download Businesses
November 29, 2006

By Thomas K. Arnold, The Hollywood Reporter

NEW YORK — Wal-Mart and Blockbuster Inc. have announced they will begin selling video downloads over the Internet, entering a potentially lucrative business that up to now has been dominated by such exclusive online sellers as Movielink, CinemaNow and Apple iTunes.

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Sony Finds a New Target for PSP

Sony Finds a New Target for PSP
November 27, 2006

By Gregory Solman, Adweek

LOS ANGELES — Sony’s latest campaign for the PlayStation Portable takes an unlikely turn with the launch of interactive advertising (on that targets 35-60-year-old female gift givers, rather than the PSP’s 18-34-year-old core audience.

The tagline is “Sugarplums aren’t the only things dancing in their heads.”

The effort is “fairly unique for us,” said John Koller, the client’s senior marketing manager. (The work will also run on AOL’s Parenting channel, and

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A Lone Sponsor for a Longer ‘Nightly News’ – New York Times

A Lone Sponsor for a Longer ‘Nightly News’ – New York Times

Article Tools Sponsored By
Published: November 27, 2006

A week from tonight, viewers of the “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams” will be able to watch more news — and fewer commercials — as a result of a sponsorship deal with the Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

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P&G, Others Build Mobile-Marketing Budgets

 P&G, Others Build Mobile-Marketing Budgets
Could Be Signal That Medium Is ‘Out of Trial Mode’

By Alice Z. Cuneo

Published: November 29, 2006
LOS ANGELES ( — Procter & Gamble, Microsoft Corp. and other major marketers have set aside a piece of their ad budgets — albeit a small piece — for mobile marketing, representing a “significant shift” for the emerging medium.

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TiVo To Offer ‘Program Placement’ For Advertisers – 11/29/2006

TiVo To Offer ‘Program Placement’ For Advertisers – 11/29/2006

by David Goetzl, Wednesday, Nov 29, 2006 8:00 AM ET
TIVO, ONCE THE WOULD-BE ASSASSIN of television advertising and now looking to find ways to enhance it, is giving marketers an option that might partly combat its ad-skipping function. The maker of the most-talked-about DVR will allow advertisers to run an ad on the screen after a recorded–and perhaps ad-skipped–show is viewed.

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YouTube Strikes its First Mobile Distribution Deal with Verizon Wireless

YouTube Strikes its First Mobile Distribution Deal with Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is set to offer videos from to its V Cast Music service subscribers, the companies said yesterday.

YouTube will deliver a sampling of its most popular videos to Verizon subscribers in early December in what is YouTube’s first mobile distribution agreement. Verizon will feature a YouTube channel in its V Cast service. V Cast users can also upload videos shot on their handsets to YouTube.

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Telling Tales Out of School, on YouTube – New York Times

Telling Tales Out of School, on YouTube – New York Times
In the good old days, students simply used technology like cellphones to cheat on tests. Now, they’re posting what happens in their classrooms on YouTube.

Two students who attend the equivalent of Grade 9 at a school in Gatineau, Quebec, a city across the river from Ottawa, were sent home last week after officials learned that they had posted a videotape of a teacher losing his temper on YouTube. The episode was not spontaneous. A girl, who has not been identified, provoked the teacher while a boy secretly taped the encounter with a compact video camera.

YouTube removed the video at the request of the Portages-de-l’Outaouais school board a week ago, the board president Jocelyn Blondin said. But that has left the question of determining what to do with the students and how to prevent similar episodes in the future.

While Mr. Blondin declined to name the teacher, he said that the man is a 33-year veteran who specialized in teaching students with learning disabilities. The teacher is now on voluntary sick leave, and officials at his union say that he is so embarrassed that he may never return to class.

Mr. Blondin said one indication of the teacher’s high standing among most students is that other pupils at the school alerted the administration about the YouTube posting.

“Other students in the school know he’s a good teacher,” Mr. Blondin said. “They’re now frightened that everyone is going to be made to pay for this.”

The Gatineau police are also investigating the episode. The police in another Quebec community, Chicoutimi, are also attempting to identify the students responsible for a similar episode where a teacher was provoked, the reaction recorded and posted.

For now, the high school in Gatineau has responded by banning all electronic devices, including cellphones and digital music players.

The board will consider applying the measure to all its schools next month.

“It’s not easy to find these kinds of cameras. We don’t have metal detectors in the classrooms,” Mr. Blondin said.

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