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New TiVo Feature Lets Families Share Videos On TV Via the Web –

New TiVo Feature Lets Families Share Videos On TV Via the Web –
November 14, 2006; Page D1

Watching television and watching Web video have been separate activities, usually occurring in different rooms of the house on different devices. Now the two are starting to blur together in ways that may ultimately make it hard to distinguish between them.

The latest push is by TiVo Inc., the company that pioneered the digital video recorder, or DVR, a device that made it easy to record “The Sopranos” and other programs from cable and other traditional sources of television. The Alviso, Calif., company today unveiled several new features designed to enhance the array of content available to TiVo users to download from the Internet for playback on television sets. The new options include a home movie service, through which users can create an Internet “channel” that automatically broadcasts clips of kids’ birthday parties and other movies over the Internet to family and friends with TiVo recorder boxes.


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