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Multiplying the Payoffs From a Super Bowl Spot

Actually, $2.6 million for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl could be cheap, in the grand scheme of things.

Some argue spending the money for a spot during the game – typically the most-watched program of the year – is economical if it is the beginning of a marketing plan. Additionally, the plan has to be supported by a slew of complementary extentions into new media, including Web sites, video clips, text messaging, blogs and short films.

These extensions are what make the whole thing relevant again.


Multiplying the Payoffs From a Super Bowl Spot – New York Times
HERE is a lesson in new math, Madison Avenue style: The most expensive advertising buy of the year may turn out to be something of a bargain.

That buy is, of course, a television commercial during the Super Bowl,
typically the most-watched program of any year. And while the cost this
year sets a record, at an estimated average of $2.6 million for each
30-second spot, more than two dozen marketers believe it makes sense to
spend that much money despite the many cheaper alternatives.


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