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McDonald’s Targets Hispanics With Filet-O-Fish Promo

While KFC is looking for the Pope’s blessing on its fish sandwich during the Lenten season, McDonald’s is also jumping on the perfect-time-to-promote-our-fish-menu-selections, a little differently by talking to Hispanics – a largely Catholic.

The company is pegging its mobile campaign on a population that responds well to
SMS-based promotions, uses cell phones more than other populations in the U.S.
and likes surfing the Internet with them.


MediaPost Publications – McDonald’s Targets Hispanics With Filet-O-Fish Promo – 03/01/2007
MCDONALD’S IS PAIRING HISPANICS’S LARGELY Catholic religion with the population’s penchant for using cell phones to access the Internet in a newly launched multi-channel promotion to hype its Filet O’Fish sandwich.

It is timed to coincide with the start last week of Lent, the 40-day period leading up to Easter Sunday, during which Catholics don’t eat meat on Fridays and some Christians eliminate meat from their diet altogether.


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