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Dance Dance Revolution – Childhood Obesity

I remember the days of basketball and softball in gym class. I hated it, and apparently I am not alone. Some schools have begun to incorporate the video game Dance Dance Revolution into their physical education classes. Its a growing trend that gets kids excited and gets them doing more physical activity than the typical kickball or dodgeball.

Dance Dance Revolution – Childhood Obesity – New York Times

Incorporating D.D.R. into gym class is part of a general shift in physical education, with school districts de-emphasizing traditional sports in favor of less competitive activities.

“Traditionally, physical education was about team sports and was very skills oriented,” said Chad Fenwick, who oversees physical education for the Los Angeles Unified School District, where about 40 schools now use Dance Dance Revolution. “What you’re seeing is a move toward activities where you don’t need to be so great at catching and throwing and things like that, so we can appeal to a wider range of kids.”

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  1. Naomi Aisaka says:

    Hello. I am really surprised to hear that DDR become one of the physical activities for those students, who aren’t good with normal sports. I am now reserching for my final progect, which is going to be about DDR. So Could you give me more information if you are so familier with DDR.

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