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Research Reveals Young Adults Read More Magazines, Not Less

A study from McPhetes & Co reveals that young adults are reading more consumer magazines than their older counterparts. This is interesting research considering the number of magazines that have shut down over the past year due to decreased readership, as well as the obvious online presence of the publications in an attempt to remain relevant.


Research Reveals Young Adults Read More Magazines, Not Less – 05/18/2007

AT A TIME WHEN MANY assume that younger, tech-savvy people are turning their backs on print media, a highly regarded researcher has come up with evidence that young adults actually read more consumer magazines than older folks. The discovery is the result of new methodological research developed by McPheters & Co. to identify better ways of collecting information on the household incomes of magazine readers. “While analyzing data from the new test, it became apparent that younger readers reported reading more magazines than older readers,” the company said.

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