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OMG! Cute Boys, Kissing Tips and Lots of Pics, as Magazines Find a Niche

With a faithful audience in the millions, these magazines for the early
teenage years are in overdrive, bolstered by last year’s enthusiasm for
new stars from the Disney Channel’s hit “High School Musical,” some tween magazines say they have seen circulation rise by as much as
25 percent on the strength of “High School Musical,” and another
increase in demand is coming soon.


OMG! Cute Boys, Kissing Tips and Lots of Pics, as Magazines Find a Niche – New York Times
Above the neon-orange lettering that promotes the issue’s “love blogs” and other content, Zac, Corbin and Miley smile winningly on the cover for the May/June issue of J-14.

No need for the preteen magazine to spell out that they are Zac Efron,
Corbin Bleu and Miley Cyrus because its devoted readership already
knows this from watching the Disney Channel. Disney
and Nickelodeon have been pumping out youthful stars whose careers,
outfits and “faves” are dissected by every issue of J-14 and its
brethren, which include Twist, M, Tiger Beat, Bop and Popstar.


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  1. harry oliz says:

    thereres no p[rob.wth that….hhmmm if good looking guy also..i love it.

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