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Film Parlays Green Message Into $25M Marketing Support

The movies go green!!! I wonder if the academy will add an award for the most environmentally conscious production.
The new film “Evan Almighty” is being billed as a zero-emission production. They are able to claim this because of investments made to offset the film’s carbon footprint. The crew used bikes for transportation, recycled everything they could and donated set materials to Habitat for Humanity. They even planted trees in the community where the film was shot.
The film has partnered up with a slew of companies and launched a website The site gives visitors the opportunity to “Get on board” by donating $5 for planting trees. Its a pretty good website and a great way to engage the audience – I recommend checking it out!!

MediaPost Publications – Film Parlays Green Message Into $25M Marketing Support – 06/14/2007

THE STORY OF UNIVERSAL PICTURES’ “Evan Almighty” focuses on God (Morgan Freeman) asking newsman-turned-Congressman Evan Baxter (Steve Carrell) to build an ark–à la Noah–in preparation for an impending flood.Marketers have hoped the obvious biblical references will resonate with Christian audiences; now, boosted by $25 million in marketing support from a consortium of companies, the film’s message is being spun as one of impending environmental disaster–à la Al Gore.

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