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They Take the Bounce Out of Bowser

A new trend in the dog owner world, at least in cities, is hiring a dog runner. It’s exactly what it sounds like – hiring someone to take their dog for a run and tire them out. With people’s attention focused on health and leading a healthy life and getting exercise, it transfers to their dogs.


They Take the Bounce Out of Bowser – New York Times
FILLED with trepidation about being tied down, Mary Turner and her husband, Richard Stein, decided to put off parenthood awhile and see how they did with a dog. Ms. Turner, a lawyer, found Bingo, “a darling cinnamon-colored puppy,” trembling in a cage at an animal shelter near their home in San Bernardino, Calif.

Mr. Shein, an investment banker, said, “We were smitten, but six
months later the cute and meek puppy was the size and had the demeanor
of a full grown male cougar.”

Bingo was an insomniac who
routinely broke out of his crate around 4 a.m. He would find a chew toy
or mouse — a live one — and plop it onto the sleeping head of Ms.
Turner or Mr. Shein.


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  1. i think the bingo in his own funny way is showing that he loves both of you

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