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7-Eleven Brings ‘The Simpsons’ Kwik-E-Mart To Life

Talk about bringing a brand to life. That’s just what the people behind The Simpsons movie have done. 7 Eleven’s across the country have been converted into Kwick-E-Marts!

Says 7-Eleven, “Many brands have product placement in a movie, but we were
intrigued with the idea of bringing fiction to life – a ‘reverse placement,’ if
you will. As the number-one show among men ages 18-34, teens, boys ages 12-17,
and kids from 6 to 11, ‘The Simpsons’ reaches our core customers.”


MediaPost Publications – 7-Eleven Brings ‘The Simpsons’ Kwik-E-Mart To Life – 07/02/2007
CONVENIENCE STORE-GOERS IN 12 NORTH American cities may feel like they have entered a parallel universe when they discover that their 7-Elevens have been mysteriously transformed over night into Kwik-E-Marts, straight out of “The Simpsons.”

The conversion is part of a “life/brand experience and a reverse product placement” orchestrated by 7-Eleven and Twentieth Century Fox, whose “The Simpsons Movie” opens nationwide July 27, says 7-Eleven spokesperson Margaret Chabris. The deal was initially reported by Marketing Daily in March.


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