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Buying Into the Green Movement

Eco-friendly shopping may be fashionable, but critics argue it won’t reduce global warming.

Consumers have embraced living green, and for the most part the mainstream green movement has embraced green consumerism. But even at this moment of high visibility and impact for environmental
activists, a splinter wing of the movement has begun to critique what
it sometimes calls “light greens.”


Buying Into the Green Movement – New York Times
HERE’S one popular vision for saving the planet: Roll out from under the sumptuous hemp-fiber sheets on your bed in the morning and pull on a pair of $245 organic cotton Levi’s and an Armani biodegradable knit shirt.

Stroll from the bedroom in your eco-McMansion, with its photovoltaic
solar panels, into the kitchen remodeled with reclaimed lumber. Enter
the three-car garage lighted by energy-sipping fluorescent bulbs and
slip behind the wheel of your $104,000 Lexus hybrid.

Drive to
the airport, where you settle in for an 8,000-mile flight— careful to
buy carbon offsets beforehand — and spend a week driving golf balls
made from compacted fish food at an eco-resort in the Maldives.

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