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Alcohol Goes on a Health Kick

The cocktail is trying to atone for its sins by including more
vitamin-rich vodka mixes and slinging vegetable gardens in a glass.


Alcohol Goes on a Health Kick – New York Times
On Monday around 9 p.m., three young Brooklynites stopped into Counter, a vegetarian restaurant in the East Village. Laughing and chatting, they sampled organic raspberries, poached pears, fresh pineapple and strawberries.

That this bounty was found not tableside but at the bar, where the
restaurant’s menu of organic cocktails has been steadily expanding,
only heightened the appeal.

“It’s the same thing as top-shelf
liquor,” said Nick Guffey, 28, a massage therapist with an ink-black
shag haircut, referring to drinks like his red-wine-and-poached-pear
organic cocktail. “You can drink a ton and not wake up with a hangover.”


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