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Finish Line Hopes to Become Destination

Foot Locker has historically been the main athletic shoes retailer – with clear branding and various ad campaigns. Retailer Finish Line hopes to change all that with a new ad campaign, “What do your shoes say?” and a social networking site, Sneaker fashion has come a long way – and people these days take seriously the fashion statement made by sneakers – to meet this trend, Finish Line plans to redesign stores and really find its niche with consumers.

Finish Line Hopes to Become Destination –

For years, athletic-shoe retailers did little advertising, letting brands like Nike and Adidas flex their marketing muscle with savvy, splashy ad campaigns for the latest shoe. The result was that consumers usually cared more about what shoe style they bought than where they bought it.

Sneaker retailer Finish Line is hoping to change that with a TV, in-store and Web-branding campaign — including a company-sponsored social-networking site — that launches today. In its biggest marketing blitz in recent years, Finish Line hopes to differentiate itself from its much bigger rival — Foot Locker — and revive sagging sales.

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