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Green Clothing Maker Indigenous Designs Puts Fashion First

When working with big retailers – the fact of the matter is – they may want to purchase from green designers, but they’re not going to buy clothing that won’t sell. This is why designers selling into these stores are focusing on the clothing, not on their eco-friendly processes.

Green Clothing Maker Indigenous Designs Puts Fashion First-

Indigenous Designs Corp. prides itself as a truly green supplier. Its women’s clothing is made from all-natural, sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, silk and alpaca. It adheres to strict fair-trade manufacturing practices overseas, runs its U.S. corporate office on solar power and encourages employees to bike to work.

But all that feel-good stuff isn’t what the Santa Rosa, Calif., company pushed when it met with executives from the Dillard’s Inc. department-store chain at a trade show earlier this year. Instead, the apparel maker talked up fashion, design, and price — mentioning the organic and fair-trade chit only as an extra bonus.

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