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How Disney Is Reviving A Band Still in Its Teens

Jonas Brothers – a teen sensation – whose last release didn’t do so hot is back with new deal. The group has now been signed by Disney’s record company and they are being groomed to be TV stars as well as pop stars. This is another step from Disney in locking in the tween scene in music. The thing that seems to be working so well for Disney is that while it promotes its musical acts – it also puts them in TV show and movies – giving these talented kids more exposure than a typical record label could.

How Disney Is Reviving A Band Still in Its Teens –

Last year, a teen pop act known as the Jonas Brothers nearly washed out of the music industry. The group’s 2006 debut album on Columbia Records sold poorly and is now out of print. Today, just a handful of the band’s songs are available for download on Apple Inc.’s iTunes Store.

But less than a year after its near-flameout, the group is a candidate to conquer the lucrative kids’ music market. Now signed to Walt Disney Co.’s Hollywood Records, the teenage trio will release a second album next month. Based on early retail orders and fan interest, people in the music industry say it is likely to debut in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart. Disney is also grooming the boys — 14-year-old Nick Jonas, 19-year-old Kevin and 17-year-old Joe — as television stars.

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