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Online Popularity Contest Next in Barbie-Bratz Brawl

Barbie vs. Bratz – first it was just the dolls and their fashion, but now its a battle of the tween girl social networking sites. Both doll companies are using technology to stay relevant to the highly tech savvy young girls – with USB MP3 players.

Online Popularity Contest Next in Barbie-Bratz Brawl –

Barbie and her rivals, the Bratz, have taken their long-running fight for playground supremacy off to an important new venue: MySpace-like social-networking sites.

Mattel Inc.’s Barbie has been under attack for six years from MGA Entertainment Inc.’s Bratz line, which dazzled fashion-savvy youngsters with splashy multi-ethnic dolls sporting oversized features and undersized clothes — and made Barbie suddenly look dated. But now Mattel has struck back in cyberspace — and this time, it’s MGA that’s playing catch-up.

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