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Kids Embrace Technology For Its Usefulness

MTV/Microsoft observed kids’ growing number of technology-connected
friendships–all with an eye to observing how those relationships can influence
brands. Kids 8-14 will have an average of 11 online and face-to-face friends–a
number that will quickly rise. Young adults 14-24 have an average of 53 online
and face-to-face friends.


MediaPost Publications – Kids Embrace Technology For Its Usefulness – 07/25/2007
WHILE KIDS AND YOUNG ADULTS may be immersed in digital media, there are limits to what they want to know about the technology, according to new research.

A massive study–jointly produced by MTV Networks and Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions–surveyed 18,000 kids ages 8-14 in 16 countries, offering a wide range of results on digital entertainment and communications platforms.


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  1. Marc Cohen says:

    The study found that the most popular activity of young people around the world is listening to music. Yet, in it’s conclusions for advertisers the study authors are silent about the opportunities for advertising supported music. Big omission.

    Check out the Ad-Supported Music Central blog:

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