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Can Your Friends Make You Fat?

If you have fat friends, does that increase your chances of also getting fat? Recent research suggests that a groups behavior in regard to food influences all members of that group due to the norms that develop. According to the study, a person’s chance of becoming obese increased tremendously if they have an obese friend, sibling or partner.

Can Your Friends Make You Fat? –

A study in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine finds that social networks have an even greater effect on chances of becoming obese than genes do. The findings may help explain why obesity is rising in America despite widespread dieting and other weight-loss techniques, and why people’s best efforts to slim down on their own are so often short-lived. They also suggest that public health initiatives to fight obesity should take social networks into account, and work with overweight people in groups, as organizations such as Weight Watchers International Inc. have done for years.

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  1. Neel says:

    Don’t want to believe that:(

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