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Contests, YouTube and Commercials Converge for Skin Product

Looking for the “Hottest Mom in America,” Medicis Pharmaceutical
introduced a multimedia campaign to market its cosmetic wrinkle filler
to middle-income women.


Contests, YouTube and Commercials Converge for Skin Product – New York Times
GOING to a dermatologist for antiwrinkle injections is not just for women on Park Avenue, according to the maker of a cosmetic wrinkle filler. Middle-income women can enjoy youthful skin, too, the company’s new advertisements suggest.

Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, which makes medical and aesthetic products for the skin, introduced a multimedia campaign this week to promote Restylane, a dermal injection that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It is the first time that the company, which says that Restylane is the top-selling in its category, has marketed the product directly to consumers.


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