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Food Flies In Face Of Gift-Giving Decline

The segment is also being buoyed significantly by the overall growth in gourmet
and organic foods. Gourmet/organic/specialty food gifts not only mean premium
pricing but brand image enhancement and a profitable trial-use channel for
reaching prospective customers: all excellent reasons for brands and retailers
to do everything possible to feed the trend


MediaPost Publications – Food Flies In Face Of Gift-Giving Decline – 07/26/2007
AMERICANS ARE INCREASINGLY TAKING A “bah humbug” attitude about gift giving, but food gifts are a major exception.

The overall consumer gifts market shrank by 8.3%, to $92.3 billion between 2004 and 2006–a continuation of a trend seen for several years.

However, consumer food gifts flowed–leaping by 56% to $13.4 billion, according to a new study on food gifting from the Packaged Facts division of Food gifts’ share of the total ’06 consumer gifts market was 14.5%–up 70% from an 8.6% share in ’04.


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