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HP Ads Help Teens Take Control Of Parents’ Minds

Kids are a major influence on their parents purchase decisions. A new HP campaign “Society for Parental Mind Control” takes kid nag to a whole new level. Kids can go to and send their parent an email with a link to the product they want. Its really a clever initiative – inspire kids to, in a sense, advertise to their own parents.

MediaPost Publications – HP Ads Help Teens Take Control Of Parents’ Minds – 07/26/2007

AS THE BACK-TO-SCHOOL SEASON OPENS, a new national campaign for HP personal computers takes young consumers where no teen has gone before: into the minds of their parents in order to “control” them and thus assure the purchase of a new PC.

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One Response

  1. Thiery Flueris says:

    I think its actually a really smart campaign that allows kids to harness the internet and send parents a message, it also teaches them how to look up products and recommend them via a viral email. Kids get marketed to everyday, atleast there is no hiding here its straight forward. Isnt the vortex pretty?

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