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‘Green Teens’ Make Desirable Marketing Targets, Study Finds

The Green Teen cohort trends slightly female, and 45% say they like to be the
first to know about new products. The report also contained some qualitative
description of green teens, noting that they are “popular, engaged in school
activities and a little artsy.” The report drew special attention to their
popularity, saying that this makes them effective influencers and trendsetters
in their peer groups.


MediaPost Publications – ‘Green Teens’ Make Desirable Marketing Targets, Study Finds – 07/31/2007
TEENS WHO CARE ABOUT THE environment aren’t just socially aware. They are also a desirable ad/marketing target, says a new JupiterResearch report.

The company obtained questionnaires from 2,091 online users ages 13 to 17 and found 38% of teens online are concerned about the environment, with 15% constituting an especially committed group of “Green Teens.” This smaller “hardcore” element is especially responsive to online communications, including marketing messages, making them an attractive target audience for appropriate online advertising.


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