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Americans skip sleep to make time for leisure activities

I know that I am guilty of complaining that there just are not enough hours in the day. A new study from The University of Pennsylvania found that the more people work, the less they sleep. The survey suggest that Americans only get about 6.5 hours of sleep on a regular night, an hour less than the average in the 1950’s.

Americans skip sleep to make time for leisure activities –

Americans who log long hours on the job find the time for leisure and other activities by cutting down on sleep, a study reports today.

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Playtex, the girls, and a new marketing campaign

Playtex is heading out to market with a new line of intimate apparel products. Their approach to these ads is somewhat unconventional – they are taking the conversations women typically have with their close friends and using it in the campaign called “Girl Talk”. Its interesting because I think it will really hit home with their consumers – both in the reality and humor of it.

Playtex, the girls, and a new marketing campaign

The torture of an ill-fitting bra. The annoyance of a colleague’s eyes slowly moving south during a conversation. The toll gravity takes on “the girls.”

Playtex is exposing the candid conversations women have about their chests, and the various euphemisms they use, in a new marketing campaign aimed at helping women overcome the challenge of finding a well-fitting bra.

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Coors Creates New Unit To Develop High-End Beers

We’ve been hearing for a while that big beer companies are making their way into the premium beer market. Coors has now created a subsidiary that will develop high-end beers to keep up with consumer preferences.

Coors Creates New Unit To Develop High-End Beers –

AC Golden Brewing Co. will “introduce above-premium beers to the marketplace” at a deliberate pace, Coors Brewing, a unit of Molson Coors Brewing Co., told beer wholesalers in an email last week. The “patient selling model” will contrast with the “usual brewer process of full-blown, national rollouts that are very expensive and have had only limited success historically.”

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Organic Food Labeling Confusing, Says Consumer Survey

While organic food labeling was originally meant to help consumers make their decisions about the products the purchase – the labeling is in fact confusing consumers more and more.

Organic Food Labeling Confusing, Says Consumer Survey

Consumers remain confused about the use of organic product claims, which has led to people increasingly opting for locally grown food instead, according to a new survey seen on

The responses from 850 natural and organic product consumers also revealed a mistrust of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) organic seal, and concerns that the agency’s organic standards were declining or weaker than they would like.

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Message in the Drink Bottle: Recycle

First, people started to drink more water as a healthier alternative to soda. Now the packaging water comes in (as well as all other drinks) is the unhealthy part – unhealthy in terms of our warming planet. Some manufacturers like Coke & Pepsi are putting plans in place to tackle the recycling problem.

Message in the Drink Bottle: Recycle –

Things are starting to change. Following months of unflattering news coverage, press releases and even a resolution by the U.S. Conference of Mayors calling for research into the impact of discarded bottles on municipal waste, the beverage industry is stepping up efforts to promote recycling and use more recycled plastic in production of its soda, water, juice and tea bottles. Some companies are reformulating containers to reduce the amount of plastic.

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Fit Consumers Are Smarter Consumers With Fat Wallets

A new study suggest the fittest are ambivalent about advertising. More than other consumers, they say they dislike advertising and
view it as a waste of their time–and claim that they don’t base buying
decisions on it. Yet, they’re more likely to remember advertised products when
they’re shopping and to value the informational function of ads.


MediaPost Publications – Fit Consumers Are Smarter Consumers With Fat Wallets – 08/30/2007
TURNS OUT BEN FRANKLIN REALLY had something there with that “healthy, wealthy, wise” stuff.

Exceptionally fit people have exceptionally high household incomes, and are also exceptionally savvy about spending all that dough, according to a new study profiling these health-conscious types.

Fit consumers–defined as those who exercise
at least three times per week and also participate in at least one
sport “every chance they get”–are 50 million strong, and wield an
“astronomical” aggregate household income of $2.2 trillion, reports
Packaged Facts, a division of

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Bacardi Launches First Campaign For Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is launching a new ad campaign that aims to capture moments, people, places and events in the lives
of Grey Goose consumers, revealing their lifestyles of “discerning taste.”


MediaPost Publications – Bacardi Launches First Campaign For Grey Goose Vodka – 08/30/2007
WITH THE U.S. OPEN IN full swing, Bacardi is launching a new ad campaign for its Grey Goose Vodka, its first since buying the brand from the late Sidney Frank three years ago.

The effort, “Discerning Lifestyles,” debuts in conjunction with the ongoing U.S. Open Tennis Championships in Flushing Meadows, N.Y., in which Grey Goose Vodka is–for the first time–a promotional partner. The advertisements will surround broadcast coverage on the USA Network and will also appear on target outlets such as the Golf Channel, ESPN, and HD Networks and in print outlets such as BlackBook, Departures, GQ, Golf Digest, Travel + Leisure, Vanity Fair and Wine Spectator.

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No Doubt About HP’s $300 Million Paper Chase

HP has teamed up with Gwen Stefani and capitalizing on paper dolls and DIY crafters.


Advertising Age – No Doubt About HP’s $300 Million Paper Chase
Hewlett-Packard today breaks a $300 million global ad campaign aimed at getting consumers to better use the web to custom-produce everything from invitations and greeting cards to concert souvenir books — and, of course, print them using HP products.

The campaign, tagged “What do you have to say?” is intended to drive
consumers to, where they can mix and mash up their photos and
messages with other content, such as a “Gwen Stefani For You”
collection of CD covers, greeting cards and Japanese-inspired paper
dolls. Consumers also can put their individual photos into a souvenir
book from Ms. Stefani’s current “Sweet Escape” tour.

For small businesses, or for anyone looking for do-it-yourself
stationery, a section of the HP website offers graphic designer Paula
Scher’s templates for business cards and letterheads. The site also
features snowboard company founder Jake Burton offering advice on how
to build a business, including marketing tips.

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From Cheap Stand-In to Shelf Star

Private label brands are growing at a huge rate. The retailers are even naming their products in such a way that would not lead one to immediately know that they are in fact private label and not some small company. This is making it harder for consumers to know the difference between private label and brand name goods. Consumers are buying in and the brand names are losing share.

From Cheap Stand-In to Shelf Star –

Food retailers are growing more sophisticated about developing and branding their own products. They’re even building brands that bear no resemblance to their store names, such as Target’s Archer Farms line of gourmet oils, appetizers and frozen foods, and Safeway Inc.’s Eating Right line of frozen dinners, cereal and salad dressings.

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Thwock, Gulp, Kaching! Beer Pong Inspires Inventors

Young entrepreneurship is going strong, and sometimes ideas come from unlikely places. Beer Pong is a new inspiration to some recent college grads who have invented some items to help the game move beyond the college realm – with specialized tables, portable tables, no spill mats and websites. While some college campuses are banning the beer pong paraphernalia, the beer companies are trying to get in on the phenomenon without promoting binge drinking.

Thwock, Gulp, Kaching! Beer Pong Inspires Inventors –

CHICAGO — Sick of cleaning sticky floors after bouts of beer pong, a popular campus drinking game, recent Northwestern University graduates Andy Wright and Mike Johnson put their engineering degrees to use. They devised a triangular rubber mat that helps keep plastic cups of beer from toppling over.

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