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eeds Of ‘Ethical Fashion’ Are Being Sown In U.S.

Ethical fashion has gained a lot of momentum in the U.K. while in the US it is still not on the radar screens of most Americans. Europeans are very concerned with fair-trade agricultural products – the issue in the US seems to be that there is not organization paving the way on certifying cotton as there is in food products. However, as the move to environmentalism grows in the US, and especially as more celebrities and wealthy Americans take up environmental issues – we can be sure to see more of a demand in the US.

MediaPost Publications – Seeds Of ‘Ethical Fashion’ Are Being Sown In U.S. – 08/01/2007

The Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, to be held for the fourth time in October, showcases a growing number of labels and attracts crowds of eager buyers (more than 60 labels and 4,000 attendees last year). Major retailers like Marks & Spencer and the fashion cataloger La Redoute are actively expanding ethically sourced apparel lines.

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