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Whole Foods’ Pickle: Will Consumers See It As A Big Green Meanie?

Ah – the Whole Foods, Wild Oats debacle. The question today is – what do the consumers think? Some would argue that since the shoppers of these stores are probably environmentally and fair trade minded, they would not want to be buying from a huge conglomerate grocery store – after all, thats part of the reason they spend the extra money to shop there. On the other hand – are consumers too caught up in their own lives to even know about the merger? In my opinion – I do think consumers care and they are paying attention.

MediaPost Publications – Whole Foods’ Pickle: Will Consumers See It As A Big Green Meanie? – 08/02/2007

WHERE ARE THE SCREENWRITERS WHEN you need them? Stage left, you’ve got the Federal Trade Commission insisting that Whole Foods Markets’ bid to acquire Wild Oats is part of its plan for the “systematic destruction” of its competition. Stage right, you’ve got investors calling for the head of CEO John Mackey–primarily for anonymous postings he made on Internet stock groups over an eight-year period. (Kind of makes you feel better about occasionally shutting the door to your office to play Spider Solitaire, doesn’t it?)

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