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The Myth of Convenience: Why Instant Foods Don’t Save Time

New research implies that consumers do still cook from scratch – but when they do, they are making simple meals that usually take about a half-hour to prepare while packaged foods offer families a way to prepare a more complex meal that would take much longer to prepare from scratch. Families say they like using packaged foods so that they have more time to spend with their families – which is why they can justify using less healthy ingredients. But – as this research shows – they are only fooling themselves because the time it takes to get dinner on the table really is no different.

The Myth of Convenience: Why Instant Foods Don’t Save Time –

Most people use prepackaged convenience foods to save time. But new research shows these fat- and sodium-laden foods aren’t the time-savers you think they are.

While it’s true that a frozen lasagna dish is usually faster to make than homemade lasagna, researchers from the University of California-Los Angeles wanted to find out how convenience foods are used in the real world. After they videotaped family cooking habits, the researchers saw that convenience foods weren’t used as a time-saving substitute for the same dish made from scratch. Instead packaged foods offered a way for families to eat more elaborate meals than they would normally have time to prepare.

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