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Endless Puns With Your Inner Cat in Mind

Meow Mix cat food is coming out with a fun, non-traditional – at least for the cat food category – marketing campaign.


Endless Puns With Your Inner Cat in Mind – New York Times
IN contrast to the fog, which according to Carl Sandburg comes in on little cat feet, an unconventional campaign for a familiar pet food is arriving on every part of the cat — including the meow.

That clue ought to give away the sponsor of the campaign, which is
under way online and will reach the real world in a couple of weeks.
The brand is Meow Mix, now owned by the Del Monte Foods Company, which is embarking on its third cheeky, nontraditional effort in three years.

the makers of prosaic products like pet food are expanding beyond the
usual channels, like print or television advertising, to woo busy,
distracted consumers. Tactics like e-mail marketing and Web-only video
clips are no longer confined to marketers in categories like technology
and entertainment.


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