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Product Packages Now Shout to Get Your Attention

Consumer goods companies are using their products’ packages as 3-D ads to grab shoppers’ fickle attention.


Product Packages Now Shout to Get Your Attention – New York Times
In the last 100 years, Pepsi had changed the look of its can, and before that its bottles, only 10 times. This year alone, the soft-drink maker will switch designs every few weeks.

Kleenex, after 40 years of sticking with square and rectangular boxes, has started selling tissues in oval packages.

Light bottles now have labels that turn blue when the beer is chilled
to the right temperature. And Huggies’ Henry the Hippo hand soap
bottles have a light that flashes for 20 seconds to show children how
long they should wash their hands.

Consumer goods companies,
which once saw packages largely as containers for shipping their
products, are now using them more as 3-D ads to grab shoppers’

The shift is mostly because of the rise of the
Internet and hundreds of television channels, which mean marketers can
no longer count on people seeing their commercials.


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