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Are Skins, Bugs or Tickers The Holy Grail of Web Advertising?

Web ads – the is so much experimenting going on right now – everyone is trying to figure out what the best way to reach consumers on the internet is without intruding in their lives. Consumers have become used to banner ads – in some cases developing “banner blindness”. This has led advertisers to find new and innovative ways to get the attention of consumers – like skins, bugs and tickers.

Are Skins, Bugs or Tickers The Holy Grail of Web Advertising? –

Video Web sites have spent the past year searching for the Holy Grail of online advertising: ads that don’t annoy consumers and still fetch high prices from advertisers. Now some believe they’re beginning to figure out what works and are starting to cash in.

Sites ranging from Google Inc. to have been experimenting intensively with replacements for the preroll, the video ads that users are forced to watch before viewing a clip. Advertisers liked prerolls because they could use commercials already produced for TV in the spots, and Web publishers loved the high prices they commanded. But users grew annoyed by the intrusion, and Google’s YouTube and other video-sharing newcomers rose to popularity partly by ditching the format.

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