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TV Channels Move to Web, Think Outside the Cable Box

Niche TV programming that has not gained the viewership numbers to stay alive have not given up just yet. A number of networks are abandoning the regular cable format and opting for on demand and web channels. The move should come as no surprise as it is cheaper to develop this content, and because people can view it as they choose instead of following the schedule. It is still early to tell what kind of success can be expected from these channels – as the strategies are still being developed.

TV Channels Move to Web, Think Outside the Cable Box –

Across the cable TV industry, other independent channels are also turning away from TV to the Internet. The Lime Channel, which focuses on healthy living, pulled out of cable last year and now offers its programming online and as video on demand. The Employment and Career Channel, which began streaming online in 2002, has junked its attempts to be a cable TV channel to be an online-only outlet. Others, like the Horror Channel and HorseTV (which revolves around equestrian events), have also opted to go online.

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