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Toyota’s Club Scion Gives Socializers A Lift At

Social network marketing has become a feared interest to many marketers, but the Toyota Scion marketing division has proven fearless in the internet marketing age. Scion has presence on a number of social networking sites including Second Life and they have now just announced Club Scion on Club Scion allows users to enter Club Scion and be transported into a hot nightclub atmosphere where they can interact with the features of the car.

MediaPost Publications – Toyota’s Club Scion Gives Socializers A Lift At – 08/14/2007

TOYOTA’S SCION DIVISION HAS ENTERED a second Second Life. Actually, a fourth. Toyota’s Gen Y car division has this year created a presence on,, Second Life, and now, For the latter, the company–with help from Makena Technologies, which hosts–has just launched Club Scion, a social club doubling as vehicle exploration.

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