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‘Does This Shirt Make Me Look Too American?’

A tighter fit, loud colors, split yokes, double cuffs and cutaway collars – what more could men’s fashion need? British men’s fashion is invading the US – in fact, reshaping the economics of dress shirts. While it’s debatable if the construction is actually better in these shirts, it has not stopped American men and clothing manufacturers from getting into the style.

‘Does This Shirt Make Me Look Too American?’ –

While the British invasion means more choices, it’s also forcing customers to learn a new shirt vocabulary, with phrases like “double cuffs” (the British term for French cuffs) and “Sea Island quality” cotton (a fine grade usually grown in the Caribbean) in store displays and catalogs. Makers say they have found that these Britishisms can convey a sense of class to a U.S. audience. “To some American customers, it’s intriguing,” says Justin Metcalf, president of Charles Tyrwhitt U.S.

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