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Vacations Get Shorter, but Turn Up More Often

As it turns out, a labor survey shows that more full-time workers are taking individual days off instead of full weeks. Some of the reasoning behind this is chalked up to shorter trips being cheaper, and shorter trips are easier to coordinate for busy parents. But, some of it is attributed to employee motivation by an eagerness to keep up with their jobs.

Labor economists say that the trend toward shorter vacations is more
commonly found at white-collar jobs where workers have specific
knowledge that cannot be easily duplicated by co-workers filling in.
Such workers may also have an easier time slipping away for more
frequent brief breaks because they can remain in touch with their
offices via cellphones, BlackBerrys and laptop computers.


Vacations Get Shorter, but Turn Up More Often – New York Times
For years, Michele Clarke had trouble putting work aside and getting away with her husband and two young daughters for a rest. The last two-week vacation they took was in 2001, and Ms. Clarke, a corporate marketing consultant at Brainerd Communicators in Manhattan, worked through most of it on a laptop that her husband jokingly nicknamed “the beast.”

But for Mother’s Day last year, Ms. Clarke, 43, piled her family into
their minivan for a four-day jaunt to Newport, R.I. The food and sights
were great, Ms. Clarke said, and when she got back to the office, she
did not face a crushing buildup of work deferred.

“If it’s only a day or two, there’s no reason to obsess about it,”
she said. “And the four- or five-day chunk is enough to feel refreshed.”

hooked on quick getaways, Ms. Clarke went with her family this year on
two four-day weekends to Cape Cod — for Easter and again in June — and
to a Sesame Street theme park in Pennsylvania in July. In the coming
weeks, they plan a four-day trip to Philadelphia to see a King Tut
exhibit and the Liberty Bell, and later, a five-day trip to Cape Cod,
where Ms. Clarke has relatives, and Maine and New Hampshire


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