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Kellogg’s Special K Adds Protein Water Mix To Line

Kellogg’s has just launched a new product to help dieters manage their weight. Special K20 Protein Water Mix is meant to take the edge off hunger in between meals. Consumers can choose between a variety of flavors.

MediaPost Publications – Kellogg’s Special K Adds Protein Water Mix To Line – 08/22/2007

KELLOGG’S SPECIAL K BRAND HAS launched Special K2O Protein Water Mix to appeal to consumers who are trying to manage their weight

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36 Responses

  1. I just tried these for my What Works Beauty, Cosmetics & Fashion review column–they’re actually GOOD, and they do stave off moderate hunger…really like the product

  2. tracey says:

    I tried the new protein water it was the tropical blend and it was gtreat. it really helps me control my hunger which helps me stay on my diet. Thanks special K

  3. Natalie says:

    I add the protein mix to my water everyday and it really does help me to eat less and drink much more water which also fills me up. The other great thing about the packets is that they have 5 grams of fiber as well which is great on the digestive system. Plus they are so tasty, the pink lemonade and the strawberry kiwi are the best! Thanks K

  4. Michelle says:

    I tried them and loved them and can’t find them anywhere. Where are they? These are the individual packets that get added to bottled water, loved the iced tea and wanted to try Lemonade but can’t find them. HELP.

  5. Julie says:

    I’ve tried the Pink Lemonade and Iced Tea flavors (haven’t tried any others) and they’re great! They definitely help keep me fuller longer, and I find myself snacking less. I’ve had difficulty finding them around here, too, but they’re worth the search!

  6. Sandi says:

    A co-worker gave me a strawberry-kiwi to try. I was reluctant because I don’t usually like those sorts of things but it was actually pretty good. I’m too cheap to buy water bottles but keep a 20 oz. glass of water at work. It’s a little diluted – but I like it like that. I purchased some for myself – pink lemonade and I love it. At Wal-mart It can be found on the juice aisle with the crystal light etc. AND over by the pharmacy with the diet aids. HTH.

  7. Paul says:

    Almost walked by these because I’d seen the pre-mixed bottles before and they were to many carbs. The powder mix formulation is different than the pre-mixed having only one net-carb and zero from sugar so I thought I’d give them a try and I’m really glad I did. The Strawberry Kiwi is quite tasty.

  8. Judy Bailey says:

    Where can I find this product? I bought it several months back at Publix in Sarasota and have since moved to Tallahassee, Fl and I can’t find it anywhere. All everyone has in the pre-mixed bottle water. I’m looking for the mix.

  9. nikole says:

    these potien mixes are the BEST! they are the perfect snack for me to lose weight becuz it keeps you full in between meals it tastes great too however i put it in a large water bottle that is 32 oz. i dont know how it would taste in 16fl oz or even for a lighter taste 20fl oz it still may be too sweet for my liking… anyhow its a great product and i wish i could find it in stop n shop or something closer. they do have it in a walgreens close by but i feel as if they are quite expensive to buy individually…

  10. JIM says:


  11. Lisa says:

    You can now buy these on Amazon!! I can’t find them at any store near me. So glad I found them again!!!

  12. Bob H says:

    We bought it at Walmart tonight… it does seem to do the job.. a bit sweet for me… I am hoping they come up with some other flavors… we plan to use them when we travel in our RV this summer, to curb our appetites until we can eat a meal… better than all that snacking on the road.. cost roughly 50 cents a drink.

  13. […] special K2O mileage protein Mix to appeal to consumers who are trying to manage their weight. for Past 7 days Archives – Boston HeraldA friend of mine sent me a link to a […]

  14. Crystal says:

    Answer for #10.—I’m not sure of the actress’ name, but she played the first Gia on General Hospital. She was also in a Sci-fi movie about the Day of the Dead, a couple of years ago.

  15. Crystal says:

    Better Answer for #10–I looked it up, her name is Marisa Ramirez. She was most recently seen on the Young and the Restless. Hope this helps!

  16. Nicole says:

    for #10 – I have also been looking for the name of the actress in the commercial because I am convinced it is a girl named Elizabeth that I used to work with in Boston. Is everyone sure that its actually this Marisa person? It drives me nuts everytime I see the ad!!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    In that commercial though, seriously, could they not think of anything a bit more tempting than some stupid hard candy? Wouldn’t it be more tempting to have her walking past a donut shop or a bakery?? By the way, this girl is so skinny, can’t she afford to eat a piece of candy? That commercial is ridiculous.

  18. Larry says:

    where can i call to order ko2 protein water mix………….

  19. SOG knives says:

    SOG knives…

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

  20. GawNawGraws says:

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  21. Rosina May says:

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  22. pam says:

    please stop putting dye in your protein water. you can do it for the uk please do it for us. i really love this product.

  23. Marlene says:

    Did not particularly like the pink lemonade protein water mix. Purchased it from Wal Mart. But perhaps the other favors will be better. Don’t think it reduced feeling of Hunger.

  24. CHRISTINE says:


  25. Cathy says:

    I think the girl you’re looking for that you may have gone to school with is elizabeth hendrickson. she is the one on The young and the restless and the special K commercial.

  26. Cathy says:

    Sorry I meant worked with….Not went to school with

  27. I just tried the Lemon Protein water and the artifical sweetener is just too much! I like the idea but I think the sweetness needs to be taken down a few notches. If you are looking for a way to kill the hunger, I suggest a cup of fat free yogurt. It not only has around 5g of protein but it’s a great way to get your calcium and feel full! And it’s as portable as a bottle of the protein water!

  28. Sherri Farabee says:

    I just tried your special K2 water I like it very much. But then I read the ingredient’s and realized it had milk in it. I am allergic to milk. It did’nt say how many g or % in it. Could I get this informatioin from you Thank you Sherri.

  29. Kelvin56 says:

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  31. thanks for the info, didn’t know they were adding more products.

  32. Christine LaForge says:

    I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and have asked friends to bring back more of the KO2 protein water mix when they visit the States and they are having a hard time finding it has it been discontinued and if not can you tell me where I can find it and also will it ever come to Canada. I love this product and hope that I can get more.


  33. Nicole says:

    I am doing the two week kellogs diet and it doesn’t say on their website if it’s supposed to counted as a snack. Does anyone know? Or can I have it theought the day during lunch, snacks, dinner etc. Thanks!

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