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Ann Taylor Plans To Cozy Up To Boomer Broads

Ann Taylor  says it has what it takes to crack the
code despite failed attempts by other retailers to cater to women over 40. With the recent demise of The Gap’s pet project to woo women over 40, what are the odds Ann Taylor can succeed at attracting boomer women?

It all depends on if they reach these consumers in the right way and at the right time.


MediaPost Publications – Ann Taylor Plans To Cozy Up To Boomer Broads – 08/27/2007
ANN TAYLOR ANNOUNCED YET ANOTHER quarter of disappointing results, but says it has a big plan for bouncing back: The women’s specialty retailer confirmed earlier reports that it will turn a new concept for Baby Boomer women into a billion-dollar business.

The company also announced that Robert Luzzi will join the company as its new chief marketing officer, reporting to Kay Krill, president and CEO. Luzzi, who had been at New York & Co. as well as Estee Lauder, will “oversee all aspects of marketing, visual, and in-store environment for the company’s brands.”


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