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Catering to Couch Potatoes at the Ballpark –

I blogged about these gadgets a while back – hand-held devices that let spectators at professional sporting events get more info about the game as well as provide entertainment such as trivia and live video. People with internet enabled phones can subscribe otherwise you will be able to rent it when you go to the game. While some sports fans can’t understand why people would want to use this device, others are getting more into the game when they can see the players stats right in front of them.

Catering to Couch Potatoes at the Ballpark –

To grab the attention of multi-tasking, gadget-addled, information-obsessed Americans, sports teams are rolling out new tools for ticketholders.

The Mariners, Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants now let fans use portable devices to get access to features like live video of the game, instant replays of questionable calls and trivia contests. In the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans this season will be extending a service that the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins offered last year that lets fans in the seats tune into pro football games being played in other cities. And at this year’s US Open tennis tournament, some fans will be able to watch live video coverage on a handheld of the action on other courts.

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