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Sponsors are winners in online contests

So the Internet is littered with contests looking for the funniest
stand-up comedian, the hippest-looking shoe, the most creative haiku.
Most of them are connected to some sort of marketing campaign, which
entrants don’t seem to mind. And sponsors don’t mind if contest entries
are harebrained or nonsensical or even deadly dull.


Sponsors are winners in online contests – Los Angeles Times
Anyone who has ever tried to win an online contest could learn something from Adrian Piccardi.

Piccardi, a 20-year-old freelance movie editor, has netted $23,000 in the last eight months by taking first place in three best-video competitions, campaigning by giving away beer and reaching out to more than 100,000 “friends” on MySpace for votes.

He’s a marketer’s dream. By going to extraordinary lengths to persuade people to cast ballots in online contests, Piccardi has sent hundreds, even thousands, of users to websites that are trying to sell something.

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