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EPA to Match Shippers with Truckers Using Biodiesel Fuel

Many companies out there are trying to “green” their products. The key is to ensure that not only the product itself is green, but that the entire manufacturing and transportation process is also environmentally friendly. To help manufacturers producing sustainable products, the EPA and the National Biodiesel Board have teamed up to link sustainable products with sustainable trucking companies.

EPA to Match Shippers with Truckers Using Biodiesel Fuel

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency here and the National Biodiesel Board, Jefferson City, Mo., announced that they have teamed up to match shippers with truckers using biodiesel fuel in what is called the EPA’s SmartWay Grow and Go program. “The NBB and EPA SmartWay have a long working relationship with the goal of helping the trucking industry adopt renewable fuels to help reduce fuel usage and emissions from burning fuel,” said Mitch Greenberg, program manager, U.S. EPA SmartWay. “Grow & Go was developed to help increase the use and acceptance of biodiesel in the freight industry, and to educate truckers and small fleets on the benefits of biofuels. It became clear there was a need to help shippers identify carriers using renewable fuels.” Biodiesel is a renewable fuel for diesel engines that is made from domestic vegetable oils and animal fats. It can be used in any diesel engine at a B20 blend or lower, with no modifications.

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