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The Consumer Lab is the consumer insights and brand strategy group at Alcone Marketing Group, a consumer activation company.

POV: Brands in Dark on Consumer Concerns

A study of customers’ in-store behavior conducted by Nielsen Customized Research
provides copious evidence that some marketers don’t really know how shoppers
shop. The study was designed to teach food marketers about shoppers’ habits by

The study, which was released this summer, found that shoppers
look for discounts and special offers for canned tuna, canned fruit and pasta
sauce, but they want products like cheese, mayonnaise and coffee to be
recognizable and easy to find. For energy drinks and chocolate, shoppers care
little about price, but want eye-catching ads and snazzy packages. When it comes
to salad dressings and chewing gum, they want to try out new products.

Some categories are wasting marketing dollars by misreading the body
language and mind-sets of their shoppers. For example, offering discounts will
not boost purchases of energy drinks and soda, but beverage makers are still
spending fortunes on price promotions, says Manjima Khandelwal, senior vice
president of Nielsen Customized Research.


POV: Brands in Dark on Consumer Concerns
SAN FRANCISCO Are some big brands dancing the fox-trot while the legions of prospective customers are looking for a mosh pit? Apparently so.

Despite marketing research, consultants, MBA hires and all the rest of it, some brands that focus on pricing, such as energy drinks, are unaware that shoppers don’t care about discounts and do care about flashy packaging. So all the marketing brainpower behind that discount strategy is well, basically, a waste of good music.

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