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Love It? Check the Label

Both conservative and liberal consumers are looking harder for goods made or grown in the United States.


Love It? Check the Label – New York Times
UNTIL recently, Bill Allayaud, who works as a director for the Sierra Club in Sacramento, thought people who checked labels on clothing or toys to make sure they were “Made in the U.S.A.” were everything he was not: flag-waving, protectionist, even a little xenophobic.

But lately, he said, he is becoming one of them.

I buy now, I look at the label,” said Mr. Allayaud, 56, who explained
that the “buy American” movement — long popular among blue-collar union
workers and lunch-pail conservatives — no longer seemed so jingoistic,
and was actually starting to come into vogue for liberals like himself
who never before had a philosophical problem with Japanese cars or
French wine.


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