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The Consumer Lab is the consumer insights and brand strategy group at Alcone Marketing Group, a consumer activation company.

Clear Channel to Launch Total Immersion Mall Marketing

The “Oh Zone”, an interactive marketing campaign that centers on portable sets which include digital video displays and interactive touch screen consoles. Consumers are guided through the displays by staff who explain how the promotions work. And – what in-market event wouldn’t be complete with out some free samples.

MediaPost Publications – Clear Channel to Launch Total Immersion Mall Marketing – 09/10/2007

CLEAR CHANNEL MALLS, A DIVISION of Clear Channel Outdoor, is set to launch an elaborate mall marketing campaign that surrounds shoppers with an interactive multimedia experience, the company announced today. The “Oh Zone” campaign, scheduled to debut in the U.S. in March 2008 after an 18-month Canadian run, allows participating marketers to acquire leads, gather data about consumer attitudes, and distribute samples–all in one experiential package.

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