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Hot Cereal, Hey, It’s All Natural

With people increasingly concerned about the wholesomeness of the food
they eat, Quaker is playing up the natural nature of one of its


Hot Cereal, Hey, It’s All Natural – New York Times
IT seems like painting the lily, as Shakespeare would say, for the Quaker Oats Company to center the promotion of a new hot cereal on its being “all natural.”

What next, stickers on apples proclaiming, “Grown on trees”?

all, other Quaker cereals like Quaker Old Fashioned Oats and Quick
Quaker Oats have a sole ingredient, whole rolled oats. The roots of
Quaker oatmeal date to 1877, when the “Quaker man” character received
what the company says was the first registered trademark for a
breakfast cereal in America.

Still, when Madison Avenue is
peddling natural sodas, natural potato chips and even natural pet
foods, perhaps it makes sense for a brand like Quaker to play up the
natural nature of a product.


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