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Casual Fans Are Driving Growth of Video Games

The face of the gamer has changed from the hard core teenage boy who spends most of his waking hours trying to conquer the final level in a new game to the casual gamer.The casual gamers are seen as new customers in the gaming world and their interest in games has games retailers rethinking their operations.

Casual Fans Are Driving Growth of Video Games – New York Times

The $13 billion video game industry is counting on “the noobs” this Christmas.

“Noob,” short for newbie, is the online vernacular for someone who is new to gaming or just does not know where to start. In the video game industry, those are known as new customers.

Daniel A. DeMatteo, vice chairman and chief operating officer of GameStop, the largest specialty game retailer and second-largest game-seller, after Wal-Mart, said he expected that a new audience for video games would continue to affect console makers, game producers and retailers this coming holiday season.

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