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More Consumers Opt For Convenience Of Retail’s Prepared Meals

A new NPD Group study finds that while total restaurant traffic grew by 3% over
the past two years, retail store prepared meal purchases outperformed the total
industry with 5% growth. Consumers are increasingly looking for fast and convenient options, even when it comes to food.


MediaPost Publications – More Consumers Opt For Convenience Of Retail’s Prepared Meals – 09/13/2007
FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS, food service operations at retail outlets like convenience stores, supermarkets, discount stores and price clubs have been driving traffic at twice the pace of other segments of the restaurant industry, a new study finds.

Why? Because they are offer packaged meals, which plays into consumers’ preference for convenience and speed.

“For years, supermarkets and convenience stores were outlets for ‘packaged foods,'” says Harry Balzer, vice president of The NPD Group. “But the growth of the restaurant industry during the past 25 years–and especially the growth of take-out meals–has shown everybody in the food market that consumers now want ‘packaged meals.’ “


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