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Ethnic Consumers more receptive than Peers to Marketing – most believe messaging lacks relevancy

A new report from Yankelovich shows that marketing today is perceived as relevant to white consumers far more often than it is to African American or Hispanic consumers. The point the study makes clear is that a marketing campaign should be more integrated and relevant in messaging to create a stronger brand connection.

Ethnic Consumers more receptive than Peers to Marketing – most believe messaging lacks relevancy

According to Yankelovich’s 2007/2008 MONITOR Multicultural Marketing Study, African American and Hispanic customers are almost twice as likely to “enjoy looking at or listening” to advertising than their peers, but most find current messaging is not relevant..

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  1. Deborah Catholeen Young says:

    I am 59 years young, single mother of three young adults and 3 grandchildren. I weight about 115 lbs. 5’3″. I feel really good about my skin, my hair, my features, my interself. I am a very confident women. When I leave this world, when it’s my time, I want to leave a memory for kids, family and all the people who knew and loved and respected. I want to something that I can feel proud of. And being a over 50 modle with my picture in a magazine, would make me smile so big and be so pround I would feel totally outside of myself for the rest of my life, let alone make me feel even more confident.

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