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College Student To Pizza Hut: Pls Snd Cpn 4 Med 2Tpg Pie

If a student sends a text message asking for a coupon from a company that
doesn’t subscribe to the service, WHAMtext replies with a discount offer from an
advertiser in that same product category. So, for example, if Subway doesn’t
advertise, the technology might return a Quiznos or a Schlotzsky’s coupon. This
way, participating advertisers have a chance to target someone who is hungry for
their type of products.

This is a great way to drive trial, and get your brand into the hands of young, tech savvy consumers in a meaningful way.


MediaPost Publications – College Student To Pizza Hut: Pls Snd Cpn 4 Med 2Tpg Pie – 09/24/2007
COMPANIES PUSHING TO GET THEIR national brands in front of college students have hooked into mobile coupons through text-messaging on mobile phones. Among those are Ben & Jerry’s, Chili’s, IHOP, On the Border, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Quiznos and Verizon Wireless.

The service, now available from Houston-based WHAMtext, allows students to text-message coupon requests to 469426, or shortcode GoWHAM. The business name and college campus code, or zip code, are required in the body of the text message to receive a reply with a discount coupon, complete with tracking number, expiration date, address to nearest participating business, and the amount of a specific item discounted.

To cash in, the student shows the coupon on the cell phone screen
to the cashier at checkout. Advocates say electronic coupons are
ecologically friendly and easier to use than remembering to clip newspaper ads.


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