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Nutraceuticals could bridge gap in healthy snacks

Although a new survey indicates more that 20% of American consumers are looking for healthier snacking options, there are still obstacles in the way. Taste factors and credibility of the healthy potential of traditional snacks still stands in the way.

The survey shows that consumers aren’t willing to sacrifice taste in their quest for healthy snacks. Manufacturers must find a balance between health and taste tht will keep consumers coming back for more and make them feel good about their choice.


Nutraceuticals could bridge gap in healthy snacks
9/24/2007 – More than 20 percent of American consumers indicate they are now seeking healthier snacking options, according to Datamonitor – spelling opportunity for healthy ingredient manufacturers.

Consumer priorities are slowly shifting towards better-for-you foods and this could create further potential for the nutraceutical industry to collaborate with snack food makers as they look to enhance the healthy profile of their products.


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