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The Campaign Is Clean, the Stunts Fairly Dirty

Unilever is hoping to get some college students dirty as part of its marketing campaign for Axe Shower Gel.


The Campaign Is Clean, the Stunts Fairly Dirty – New York Times
NEXT month some college students will face a choice: should they jump into a mound of mashed potatoes and honey, or into a giant ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce and whipped cream?

It may sound like a fraternity hazing, but the event is actually
part of a new advertising campaign for Axe Shower Gel, a soap
alternative made by Unilever.

its success selling Axe body spray and deodorant, Unilever is trying to
persuade more young men to use Axe in the shower. In June, the company
redesigned the gel’s packaging to look like a video game joystick and
now it is creating what the company calls “The World’s Dirtiest Film.”


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