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Given Fewer Coupons, Shoppers Snub Macy’s

Macy’s has learned the hard way, that ultimately for shoppers, it’s all about the bargain.


Given Fewer Coupons, Shoppers Snub Macy’s – New York Times
It was the boldest stroke in American retailing in decades. The Macy’s chain completed its takeover of 410 department stores around the country a year ago and renamed them all Macy’s, vowing to lure shoppers with innovations like price scanners in the aisles and exclusive fashions from the likes of Oscar de la Renta.

So far, the grand plan is not working.

A big reason? Macy’s forgot a basic law of human nature: Shoppers love a deal.

years, the department stores that Macy’s acquired, like Marshall
Field’s and Filene’s, had relied on 15- and 20-percent-off coupons to
alert people, like a Pavlovian bell, that it was time to shop. As part
of its reinvention, Macy’s tried to wean shoppers off them.


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2 Responses

  1. thats good . but i think the 20%is too less for me , the percentage of the discount should go higher .

  2. yes thats true , the discount is very less.

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